9 Aquarium Beginner Questions

12 Beginner Aquarium Questions

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What are The Beginner Aquarium Questions

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If you look at an aquarium from all sides and from the top, you will quickly see that it is just a glass, plastic, or acrylic box with a bunch of things added to it. It is as simple as that.

You may be asking yourself a few questions: What is the function of all this equipment, and how does the tank use them to run? Does it matter which fish and plants I choose? Is there a special type of water in the tank? How do I feed and care for my fish and plants?

These are all very good beginner aquarium questions, and you have come to the right place for answers. Let’s take a brief look and preview some of the main aquatic questions that people have when they are figuring out how to set up an aquarium.

  • Understanding the basics of aquariums
  • Looking at what goes in an aquarium
  • Understanding fish and plant choices
  • Expanding your hobby

Where do I put my tank?

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People wonder where they should place an aquarium in their home. There are good places and bad places. Tanks should be placed away from direct sunlight and drafts.

There are also household traffic issues and electrical considerations to take into account as well. In the article What is The Best Place for Your Aquarium you learn how certain places in a room can affect the water temperature of your tank. You will also learn about how high-traffic Areas have an impact on your fish, how close your water source needs to be to your tank,

What electrical supply is required, and how much space will be ample to set Up the tank that you want.
Every home has many spots to put an aquarium, and after reading The Best Place for Your Aquarium , you will know exactly where to put your tank so that your fish will be safe and happy.

There are many sizes and shapes of aquariums and stands on the marketplace (Amazon), and you may be wondering if you should start out with a small tank or a Large tank. Ultimate Beginner Guide on Aquarium Tank and Stand , you learn that starting out with a larger tank will provide a more stable environment for your fish.

In that article you also learn the difference between glass, acrylic, and plastic aquariums. You will be given the information needed to buy an aquarium stand that works best for your needs. You will learn how to correctly move an aquarium if you ever decide to set your tank up in a different location or in a new home.

What do I put inside my aquarium?

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inside an aquarium
Beginner aquarium questions - Inside an aquarium

By looking at different aquariums, you will see that they contain many different combinations of rocks, decorations and many interesting objects . No big mystery here. Some items are necessary for your tank to run properly, and others are not. How to Decorate Your Tank – Aquarium Guide , you learn that gravel and/or other substrates are necessary for your aquarium.

You also learn that the type and number of decorations in an aquarium come down to matter of individual taste (though some species do well with certain additions such as rock caves), and that this is an area that you can let your creativity, decorating skills, and good taste shine.

The above article will show you what types of substrates there are and gives you good information on the types of decorations available. The article also gives you a good excuse to spend your “mad money” on cool-looking stuff.

What does all this aquarium equipment do?

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Most new hobbyists get very confused when it comes down to deciding what equipment to buy. As you find out in Ultimate Beginner Guide on Aquarium Equipment there are many different options to choose from. It explains filters, heaters, lighting, pumps, airstones, thermometers, tubes, valves, and hoods. In that article you will also learn the most important rule when it comes to purchasing equipment: Always buy the best that your budget will allow.

When it comes to setting up an aquarium, there are no shortcuts. You can’t rush your down to your aquarium store, buy a bunch of stuff, and expect to have fish swimming around in your new tank within an hour. If you take the time to set up an aquarium properly, you will have fewer problems later on down the road.

Why are so many fish so different?

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There are so many choices in aquarium fish; you may wonder, where is the best place to start? 14 Freshwater Tropical Fish for Beginning Hobbyists gives you a good selection of popular aquarium fishes so that you have a many good options to choose from right off the bat.
Of course, there are many other fish not listed in that article. It would take volumes to describe all the species available, but it offers excellent choices for beginning hobbyists. These fishes are inexpensive, easy to find, forgiving of beginner mistakes, and will help get any aquarium off to a good start.

What should I look for when buying fish?

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A yellow fish in an aquarium

 The best way to start out as a beginning fishkeeper is to develop a good relationship with a local pet store.a quality vendor can help you make decisions on the best way to set up or improve your system. They can also make good suggestions on fish compatibility and lend a hand if your fish become ill. The article How to buy your fish, helps you learn how to choose quality dealers and develop good relationships with them.

This article also shows you how to select healthy fish for your new aquarium by providing information on how to check the physical attributes and behavior of fish in a store. The World Wide Web is a great place to find fish, plants, and equipment for your new aquarium, but nothing beats the wonderful feeling of walking through a tropical fish store and seeing everything up close with a helpful dealer at your side.

What should I feed my fish?

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 We all know that you can buy canned fish food. But nutrition goes beyond pre-manufactured dry food. Many species of fish have different nutritional requirements. The article How to feed my fish,  helps you understand basic aquatic nutrition and shows you what and how to feed your fish properly.

What if my fish get sick?

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Despite having the best setup possible, fish will eventually contract disease from time to time. This is usually not a cause for alarm because most fish illnesses can be cured.

This article helps you spot common problems ahead of time to prevent disease, treat common illnesses, set up a hospital tank to treat disease, and understand the importance of a quarantine tank to avoid introducing sickness into your main tank with newly purchased fish. Never buy ill fish with the noble idea of taking them home and nursing them back to health. This practice will endanger your other fish and risk upsetting your current system.

Can I breed my fish?

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Many hobbyists love to breed their fish for fun and profit. If you become really good at breeding, you may even come up with a new color or pattern for the world to enjoy.

Breeding fish helps you find the right water conditions, feeding schedule, plants, and equipment for breeding fish. It also tells you how to help coax your fish into mating.

When you get to the article beginner fish breed, you will learn how to decide which fish to breed, how to select strong breeding traits, the best way to care for fry and protect them from other fish, and how to succeed in this wonderful and challenging aspect of the hobby.

How do I keep track of all my fish?

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Many hobbyists are concerned about remembering every fish and the problems and success they have had with each species.

How to photograph and keep track of your fish  helps you cut through the clutter by teaching you how to accurately record fish data and photograph your fish for fun, education, and potential profit.

How do fish shows work?

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Like dog shows, fish also have their own competitions. Fish shows can be a lot of fun.

Competing in fish show article, explains how to get your fish in top form, the best way to transport your aquatic friends to a show, how to set up once you arrive, and the standards by which your species will be judged.

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