How long do fish live in an aquarium?

How long do fish live in an aquarium?

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In the day-to-day life of our aquarium, the life expectancy of a fish in captivity will depend mostly on the care provided by each caretaker, but we can analyse how long fish live, on average

When we decide to have an aquarium at home, it is essential to know a little more about the species we intend to breed. Fish are living beings that require specific care to preserve good health and enjoy a privileged longevity.

  • the life expectancy of different fish
  • how long do fish survive in an aquarium versus in an natural habbitant

How long do fish live?

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How long do fish live

The truth is that it is not possible to give a single answer to this question. How long fish live depends on many factors both internal and external to their bodies.

Firstly, we must consider that there are various species of fish and each of them has its own metabolism. Consequently, each species, and even more so each individual, may have a different life expectancy.

On the other hand, the calculation of how many years fish live is also directly related to the habitat of each animal. Generally, fish living in captivity may have a longer life span than those in rivers or seas, mainly because of the absence of predators and the abundant food supply.

Let us not forget that fish are sensitive animals whose health can easily be affected by climatic, hygienic and food factors; in captivity they are very vulnerable and sensitive species.

What is the life expectancy of fish in an aquarium?

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As we have mentioned, the life expectancy of a fish in an aquarium will depend not only on its species, but also on the care offered by its owner. To give you an idea, fish in captivity can live from a few hours to about 10 or 15 years.

The small fish sold in specialist shops are very young: they are only about two or three months old. This first stage of their life is fundamental, since the animal is in full development.

With an excellent diet, an ample environment and a positive environment, this fish will be able to grow strong and healthy, which will have a positive impact on its life expectancy. If, on the other hand, it is subjected to a negative environment and an unbalanced diet, it could die within days or hours.

We must also keep in mind the difference between an aquarium and a fish tank. Generally, fish living in small tanks do not exceed two or three years of life, although experts say that this longevity could be extended if the fish is not subjected to stress.

In turn, fish living in large aquariums, which replicate the optimal conditions for their development, could live for more than a decade, depending on the species. Common carp, for example, can live beyond 15 years when they receive excellent preventive medicine.

While this is not a rule, larger and more robust fish tend to be more resilient, so they can enjoy greater longevity than smaller and more delicate species.

Life expectancy of popular aquarium fish

Below, we review how many years the most popular fish live in aquariums.

  • Clownfish, the species immortalized by the animated film Finding Nemo, can live between 5 and 10 years. In addition to excellent longevity, these fish require relatively simple care, so they are recommended even for less experienced caretakers.
  • Orange fish (goldfish): Goldfish are a very delicate species of fish that usually only live for two or three years. These small fish require a meticulous routine of care with their water, food and environment, as they can get sick easily.
  • Guppy fish. The charming guppy fish are famous for the unique colors they display on their bodies. This freshwater species, native to the American continent, is also quite fragile and its life expectancy is estimated to be only two years. In addition, it requires meticulous care with its water temperature.

How long do fish live in their natural habitat?

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Considering the different species of freshwater and saltwater fish, in various ecosystems and climates, we speak of quite unequal life expectancies. For example, there are sturgeons that have exceeded 100 years of age, although they are exceptions even within their species.

In general, the average life expectancy of saltwater fish is around 20 years; freshwater species tend to live on average about 15 years. Colder water fish will have a longer life span than warm water fish.

How long do fish live in a homemade fish tank?

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With proper care, fish in a home fish tank live much longer. Here we tell you about the approximate longevity of some beautiful species.

The species and the care we give each fish at home will influence its longevity. That is why it is difficult to determine how long fish live in a home fish tank; some may live with us for one or two years, others for up to 15 years. But others may only stay for months, days, or even hours. The temperature of the water and the pH of the water, as well as the amount of food, will affect the life span of your fish. Therefore, taking care of them will allow us to enjoy their company for many years. Whether we have healthy and happy fish will depend above all on us.

Unlike an aquarium, a fish tank is a small space where the fish could get stressed. But if we take care of them, we can increase their life expectancy. If we look for information on how to minimize stress, the kind of fish that can live together to avoid predators and the quality of the food, we will achieve better results.

Clownfish in fish tank

The famous Nemo is very attractive and one of the favorites for our home fish tank. Its striking combination of orange and red with white stripes makes it one of the most coveted. Besides, they do not require extreme care, so their life expectancy ranges from five to 10 years.

Goldfish in aquarium

Goldfish is one of the most popular fish in home fish tanks, but it is very fragile. It is essential to maintain the temperature and ph adequate to their needs. The food must be of adequate quality and quantity, because at the bottom of the tank it decomposes and makes you sick. With proper care it can live up to three years.

Comet fish

Decorative and willing to live with other species. This is how comet fish are, which are available in different colours. Although they belong to the same Goldfish family, they are less vulnerable and require less care. It is an ideal species to have at home. They can also live for five to ten years, if we don’t neglect them.

Guppy fish

They come in different colors and shapes. They are really beautiful, but you have to be very attentive to the temperature of the water, which should not exceed 28 degrees. The ph must be alkaline and the food must be of good quality. With this care we manage to make them live about 2 years.

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